Logitech G300s Optical Gaming Mouse (910-004347)

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Price: INR 2,395.00 - INR 1,549.00
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Gaming-Grade Optical Sensor

Enhance the accuracy quotient of your cursor movements, typing and gaming with the Logitech G300s Optical Gaming Mouse (910-004347). The gaming-grade optical sensor of this Optical Gaming Mouse allows for a high precision in your tracking on all kinds of surfaces as well as gives you the ability to tune the device for maximum responsiveness in your personal computing.

Optimized for Your Personalization

The nine programmable keys of the G300s Optical Gaming Mouse (910-004347) can be customized as per your requirement to suit your gaming or data inputting needs. The one-button controls help locate several keyboard functions within your reach on the surface of your mouse so that your personal computing gets easier. You need not take the longer way out to execute your commands as these nine programmable keys offer you an enhanced calibration with your games, typing and multiple functionalities.

Onboard Memory Profiles

Configure the G300s Optical Gaming Mouse (910-004347) according to your preference and the device memorizes your unique settings. You can save profiles in this Optical Gaming Mouse and these can be carried forward to different PCs. With the lighting colours featured by the Optical Gaming Mouse, you can also allocate specific colours to your profiles and conveniently recognize the currently active profile.

Symmetrical Shape, Ambidextrous Use

The G300s Optical Gaming Mouse (910-004347) feels comfortable under both your hands owing to its nicely crafted well-proportioned design. The compact device is easy to move with its light weight and its symmetrical shape enhances its elegant look. The Optical Gaming Mouse makes a Wi-Fi 802.11 abg wireless connection with your system and with its simple configuration software, you can quickly get to use it for your different needs.

Nine programmable controls: Move keyboard commands to mouse buttons that are in easy reach
Symmetrical compact shape: Feels comfortable in either hand and perfect for gamers who don’t want a large mouse
Gaming-grade optical sensor: Tracks accurately on a wide variety of surfaces and is tunable to achieve the responsiveness you need
Three onboard memory profiles: Save profiles to the mouse once for gameplay on different computers and assign lighting colors to easily see which profile you’re using. Logitech Gaming Software is available at
Easy configuration software: Simply drag and drop commands to the buttons to setup the mouse exactly the way you want


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