Logitech G90 Optical Gaming Mouse

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High Responsiveness, Precise Inputting

Run the cursor to different spots on your monitor’s screen, inputting commands, precisely. The Logitech G90 Optical Gaming Mouse comes ready with its exclusive Delta zero sensor technology that features up to 2500 Dots per Inch sensitivity. You can manage your workload efficiently without making errors as this Delta zero sensor technology will enable accurate mouse movements. The 2500 DPI resolution will ensure that a slight push of this G90 Optical Gaming Mouse results into spontaneous cursor movements on the computer display.

Sensitivity Switching, Intuitive Gaming

The G90 Optical Gaming Mouse enables gamers to select between three different DPI settings as per their requirement. The 250 DPI support will allow accuracy in targeting whereas the up to 2500 DPI support will allow accuracy in other generic movements with single clicks of the button located behind the scroll wheel. There are also pre-configured customizations featured by this G90 Optical Gaming Mouse that automatically identify specific games and allow users to align their commands with the particular games. However, gamers also have the option to align their inputting as per the settings of their preferred games utilizing drag-and-drop settings to personalize tracking profiles and button.

Minimalistic Report Rate, Nimble Slick Feet

The low 2 millisecond report rate of this G90 Optical Gaming Mouse capacitates it with a super speed performance so that your multitasking is more natural. There will be no lags in your seamless productivity as the G90 Optical Gaming Mouse operates up to four times more rapidly than traditional USB mice. The characteristic low-friction polytetrafluoroethylene feet of this G90 Optical Gaming Mouse let you put in less effort for dragging the cursor to the desired spots on screen.

Inverted Trapezoid Shape, Agile Motion

Designed in a slim line structure and bearing a light weight, this G90 Optical Gaming Mouse is easy to handle under your palm. Moreover, the ambidextrous (inverted trapezoid) contours will allow you to work with the G90 Optical Gaming Mouse using any of your left or right hand.

Delta zero sensor technology
Comfortable ambidextrous shape
In game sensitivity switching
2 millisecond report rate
Lightweight design
Slick feet


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