New Sealed Pack PlayStation 3 Wireless Controller – Black

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Price: INR 1,999.00 - INR 1,050.00
(as of Sep 26,2018 16:07:05 UTC – Details)

Bring home the PS3 Dual Shock 3 Wireless Controller to play games the way they should be played. This controller allows you to play every game without the feeling of being tethered to the controller via the cord, allowing you to jump, yell, shout, etc. to express yourself. This makes for an exciting gaming experience. The controller also uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that lasts 30 hours on a full charge and can be charged using a USB cable being attached to the console and controller. The PS3 Wireless Controller is a truly versatile device and must have for gaming enthusiasts. Not only does the PS3 Dual Shock 3 Wireless Controller Red feature an ergonomic design that reduces stress on your hands, the controller also features SIXAXIS motion sensor technology that gives you the power to control your game using both the buttons as well as body movements such as thrusts or pulls. The controller also gives you superb vibration feedback, bringing home the reality of every thrust, push, jump, shove, explosion etc that your game features. With the ability to attach seven players using the DualShock-3 Wireless Controller to one console, this controller allows for a gaming experience like never before.1. Pressure sensors that rumble with each action making every impact feel like you’re right in the game
2. Sixaxis highly sensitive motion technology senses your every move
3. Features Bluetooth technology for wireless game play
4. The PlayStation 3 system can support up to seven wireless controllers at one time
5. To Connect or Charge the Controller use the USB Cable (Type A – Mini-B) supplied with the PS3 system.


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